Between the Tooth and the Tongue


Short Film /  15mins / 4:3 / NZ / 2022 

A chamber fugue; 'Between the tooth and tongue', presents a series of 'problem pictures' between the inhabitants (animate and inanimate) of a colonial manor house. Time is complicated and the limits of perception, language and communication are warped, as a cat, canary and antique automaton witness the final dirging moments of a trio of morally opaque family members.

Starring - Chris Parker, Olivia Parker, Michael Goldwater

Written and directed by Oscar Enberg
Producer - Tara Riddell
Executive Producer -  Adrian Burr

Director of Photography - Adam Luxton
Editor - Robert Eyssen
Assistant Director - Louise Spraggon
Costume Designer - Lukas Mues
Art Director -  Alex Matthews
Sound Designer - Moritz Hoffmeister
1st AC - Nick Willoughby
Gaffer - Karl Saunders
Sound Operator - Stephen Harris
Colourist - Adam Luxton

Special thanks - NZ Film Commission, Department of Post, Panavision NZ