LAWRENCE ARABIA / Everybody Wants Something

Music clip directed by Loren Taylor

Produced by Rachel Forman and Olivia Shanks
Edited by Damien Magee
DOP – Adam Luxton
1st AC – Andreas Mahn
2nd AC – Lily Brennan-Town
Gaffer – Alex McKenna
LX Assist – Jordan Erskine-Barron
DIT – Isaac Spedding
PA/Runner – Lana Black

Cast (in order of appearance)
Olivia Shanks
Leicester Matson
Tom Westlake
Reina Stephens
Hayden Eastmond-Mein
Tom Watson
Jennifer Lal
Jemaine Clement
Bobbie Taylor
Erin Taylor
Bronte Morris
Rachel Forman
Renee Butler
Mark Derby
Max Olijnyk
Dylan Taylor
Adrian Taylor
Ollie O'Connell

Thanks to Simon Price and ARC Sydney, Mike August, Toby Laing, Luke Buda, Harry Meinders, Lee Prebble at The Surgery, Tom Watson at Natural Light Studios, Wellington Rockshop, Imagezone Auckland, Circa Theatre, Wrestler and the Cook Islands Society Hall.