This Town

Feature Film / 91mins / 2.39:1 / NZ / 2020

Written & Directed by David White
Produced by Kelly Martin, Aaron Watson, David White
Line Producer - Pamela Harvey-White
Production Manager - Olivia Shanks

Robyn Malcolm
David White
Alice May Connolly
Rima Te Wiata
Jack Sergent
Aaron Cortesi
Loren Taylor
Danny Mulheron
Byron Coll
Amelia Reid
Peter Hambleton
Emma Draper
Stella Reid
Catherine Wilkin
Peter McCauley

Director of Photography - Adam Luxton
1st AC - Fenton Dyer
2nd AC - Laura Tait
Gaffer/B-Cam Operator - Damian Seagar
1st AD - Hannah Woods
Production Design - Josh O’Neill
Sound Recordist - Nic Widfeldt
Costume Design - Briar Vivian
Makeup - Hayley Ness
Editors - Francis Glenday, Paul Wedel, Megan Brooks
Colourist - David McLaren

2020 South Pacific Pictures & The New Zealand Film Commission